Custom Deluxe hat deposit, you select from the below hat styles. The $150 is a deposit, the final cost depends on the style(s) and deco you pick. When you order this I will contact you to discuss your design etc.. my gallery has lots of examples you can choose from but please feel free to ask about other deco ideas, colors etc. Once we finalize your hat I will bill you for the addtional cost for the style and deco you selected. All listed prices are estimates and may change due to inventory changes from suppliers or further customization requests.


2020 Hat Styles: (Example photo descriptions)

Simple Cloche II: (Teal, gray blue, and dark blue hats)

One color hat with or without button accent. You can ship me a personal button or I will send you pictures of buttons I have in stock. $170-190(depending on button accent choice)


Diana: (Gray & black and brown hats)

See gallery for hats created for ideas. This hat has a main body color and one accent color with a long front brim for sun protection. (Not available in straw.) $260.00


Zelda: (Bronze, red violet, green heathered hats )

Check gallery for examples this deluxe cloche hat of various styles with fancy deco options, feathers, velvet leaves, flowers, ribbon work. Deposit is base cost you chose colors and up to 3 types of deco work. $280


Short Brim Diana: (Forest green, dark purple and pumpkin hats)

Like the regular Diana but with a shorter front brim and little less shaping as this hat uses a wool felt hood instead of the larger capeline. Can include up to 2 additional deco elements of your choice like wool felt accents(as on the orginal Diana), small feather, flower or leaf accents(forest green hat), ribbon or fancy trim accent(pumpkin hat) $245


If you are unsure of your hat size you can measure the circumference of your head just over the top of your ears and up around the middle of your forehead.


Small is 21.25" to 22"
Medium is 22.25" to 22.75"
Large is 23" to 23.75"

Custom Wool Felt Hat Deposit

Hat Body Material
Furfelt Colors
Salome Finish Colors
Velour Colors
  • Each hat is hand crafted by myself, there is no one else. So all custom orders are given a  ship by date usually 6-10 weeks from your order date I do this to make sure there is plenty of time for your hat to get done, and get done well.


    If you need it as a RUSH(2-4 week turn around) you can contact me first and if I am not completely swamped I can probably accommodate you for a fee of $25-$50 depending my current workload and how quickly you need it.


    I will always be honest with you if I cannot make your hat in the time frame you request.


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