The Sunny, this is a hat designed to copy the classic 1920's sun hat with an extra large wired brim. This was designed for my friend Barbara for her to wear at the annual Gatsby Afternoon Picnic. The large brim style brim can be made between 7"(as pictured) to 5". There is a smaller brim design also available.


This price includes a double layered straw crown and single layer brim and up to two deco elements like feathers, handmade ribbon work, flowers etc etc.. I will contact you when you order this hat to discuss what decorations you want and let you know the extra cost for anything beyond this  price. the brim can have a straw or ribbon edging and is lightly wired so it is too floppy. The straw edging may not be in matching straw color as not all straws are available in a biass tape format. For example the first hat pictured is a light green body but an ivory straw edging. 


I currently use two types of straw; sinamay and pinokpok. Sinamay is a looser weave and more stiff, the peach hat pictured first is a sinamay straw. The second type is pinokpok, this is tighter weave but is mush softer and requires extra layers to stabalize it, I generally use sinamy in a neutral or complementary color to achieve this as sizing isn't enough to keep it stable for the hats I make.  Both straws have different looks and some colors are not available in both types.


Once you submit your order I will contact you to discuss colors, deco and get your hat size. If you are unsure of your hat size you can measure the circumference of your head just over the top of your ears and up around the middle of your forehead.


Cloche Call Designs is a women owned handmade hats business each hat is hand shaped and sewn by myself.

Sunny Straw Hat Large brim

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