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2018 in Review and 2019

It's been a ride for sure I am still working on a few custom orders but all the Indiegogo hats and Miss Fisher Con hats are done. Total hats made counting the finished hats still in my shop is 36. That's a lot of hats, all while still working my day job and taking care of my daily responsibilities.

What I learned from my first year is to pace myself, not to overburden my schedule. The Indiegogo campaign was incredible, the support and encouragement I received really was a huge boost to my ego. It also showed me how much work it is to juggle a day job, life and a side business. I know a little better going into 2019 just how much I can take on. 36 hats from February to December, that's probably my limit for a year the good news is since I am already setup it should be a bit smoother creating hats throughout the year. And since orders will hopefully be coming in more sporadically instead of all at once like the campaign I may even be able to up that count!

Pricing your creations is probably one of the most difficult things to do you know what the supplies cost but then you need to judge fairly to yourself, and customers, how much your time spent on each hat is worth. I had some folks question my pricing at the Miss Fisher Con, and I get it not everyone can afford the prices I set but then as I am the sole creator of my hats and I do not have any assistants or fancy machines to pop out the hat shapes I make a fair price must be set to make my time spent not be a loss.

I also need to take more time to create new hat styles I had hoped to do more of that during my break over the winter but sadly it was no to be. I did manage to develop two new styles and teach myself to work with sinmay straw so that some of my current styles can be worn during the warmer summer weather.

All in all I had a great year and looking forward to working on more hats this year, getting even more skilled with my deco for your hats like the ribbon work I have been learning as well as feather work and learning more about working with straw.

Millinery is a constant learning process and it something I hope to keep improving upon as the years go by, thank you for being here to watch and support my endeavors!