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About Cloche Call Designs

Welcome to Cloche Call Designs, a woman owned small business in Oakland, California.

I bought my first cloche back in the 1980's from a street vendor in San Francisco. Over the years I have bought many others but had often wondered if I could make my own cloches.  Finally, in 2017, I took a two day class on hat blocking and fell in love with the process.

I was already an experienced seamstress, but I took to hat making like it was what I was always meant to do. Soon after I realized I wanted to start designing hats for other people. And so here I am less than a year later creating hats for you! 

My shop is small, it's just me making each hat by hand, using just a few hat blocks and my imagination.

So take a look and spread the word! I may be small right now but who knows where I will end up. 

Cybele A. Baker
All photos are the property of Cloche Call Designs. Taken by  myself(Cybele Baker), John Carey Photographic Imagery or Tanya Anguita of Frogsong Photography.

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