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Cloche Call Designs Gallery

Handmade unique hats of the best quality.

Here you can see each current Cloche Call Design hat style plus additional pictures of what goes into making a hat. Click on each image listing to view full size images for each style. Most of the hats pictured were made for past customers. However, there are a small number of finished hats still available if you are interested. Please go to my shop for details.

The Simple Cloche

The Simple Cloche  in either a rounded or flat top crown with a  choice  of a long or short brim(wired), your classic cloche style comes with a matching wool felt hat band.

The Simple Cloche Deluxe

The Simple Cloche with a long brim(wired), just your classic cloche style bell  or flat shaped crown with a matching wool felt hat band. The simple cloche can have extra deco added for a fee as pictured here with an accent color hat band with button and feather deco

Simple Cloche II

The Simple Cloche II is the second hat I created. A bit fancier than the Simple Cloche with some unique elements to it not included with regular the Simple Cloche. The Simple Cloche II is all one color but might have a tiny bit of flash like button accent and some styled wool felt bits of the same material as the hat body.

The Lady Hafner

The Lady Hafner is recreated from a vintage 1920's cloche hat. This hat is a classic cloche all the way. Named after my friend who owned the original hat. This hat is set style with a softer body and fabric lining instead of sweat band.

The Phryne

The Phryne this was a smash hit at the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Convention up in Portland in 2018. Based off the signature hat from the TV Series I can make it  to look similar to Phryne's red petal hat from the show or do my own creation as seen in this gallery. A heavy wired brim helps it keep it's shape. The Phryne is also available in a more rounded brim as well as both wool felt and straw.

The Diana

The Diana is named after Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman very loosely based after the brown hat used in the recent film but much fancier. Each Diana style hat is unique using shaping and a secondary wool felt color to create unique accents. It has a slightly looser fit and longer/wider brim than a regular cloche, no Diana style hat is exactly the same.


This Cloche Call hat style is taken from a 1920's fashion plate illustration. Using either the flat wool felt or suede finish for a richer soft look this hat has a fun cut front and side brim with some shaping in the back, a wide ribbon band plus other deco elements customizable to your tastes.

Short Brim Diana

A shorter brim and different deco designs than the regular Diana.

CCD Straw Cloche

My simple cloche styles in straw with the same options of a long or short brim with either a round or flat top.

The Sunny

The Sunny is a wide brim straw hat based off the lovely straw hats from the 1920-30's worn by fashionable ladies for picnics and other summer events.  All kinds of fun deco can be done to make your sunny match a specific outfit or just using your favorite colors.

The Zelda

The Zelda is named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife Zelda a vibrant and creative artist herself I thought a hat she would wear would be full of personality and this style is. Each Zelda hat is unique, just like you! Wool felt body with all kinds special accents like a second color, feathers, fabric flowers, ribbon work or leaves. As with the Diana no two Zeldas are the same.

First-Rate Materials

I use high quality wool felt hat bodies(see FAQ page for more details) pro hat blocks for shaping, millinery thread, top quality ribbon, feathers and other elements to make sure your hat looks and feels great. And introducing straw for select styles!

Photos copywrite Cloche Call Designs

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